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GTC Hermosilla Rent a Car

1. use of the vehicle

The renter receives the vehicle listed in the contract together with its accessories in a proper and functional condition. He promises to maintain this and to drive the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic regulations.

It is expressly forbidden to

sublet or inappropriately use the vehicle for the transportation of persons or property, whether directly or indirectly.

to allow unauthorized persons to drive the rented vehicle.

driving in a state of physical weakness caused by alcohol or drugs.

transporting more persons than the authorized number of passengers.

tampering with the odometer. Any damage to the odometer must be reported to the Lessor immediately.

to use the vehicle for sporting competitions of any kind for towing or driving instruction purposes. In case of violation of any of the aforementioned points, the coverage of the insurance for property damage as well as the personal accident insurance will automatically expire. Likewise, in case of violation of any of these points, the rental company Hermosilla rent a car reserves the right to cancel the contract without notice and to repossess the car, keeping the guarantee amount or received advance payments.

2. return of the vehicle

the vehicle is returned at the place, date and time specified in the contract. In case of late return, the Lessee shall pay one fifth of the agreed daily price for each hour of delay. If the client does not agree beforehand with Hermosilla car to extend the rental contract, he runs the risk of being accused of misappropriation.

3. payment of the rent

The renter agrees to pay, in addition to the amounts stated in the contract, for: lost accessories, tools, spare wheel, battery and vehicle documents, as well as fines for traffic violations and towing costs of the unauthorized parked vehicle.


4. coverage of the risk

The insurance taken out by Hermosilla rent a car covers the renter or the authorized driver against the legal liability in unlimited amount, as well as guarantees and legal protection. The payment of the additional passenger accident coverage exempts the renter from paying for damages caused to the rented vehicle, except in the cases mentioned in the first paragraph. The payment of the additional passenger accident insurance covers the costs for the passengers of the vehicle and the driver. Explicitly excluded from coverage are loss, robbery or damage to items transported in the rented vehicle. Tires, glass and stolen individual parts are not included.

5. accidents

In the event of an accident, the renter is obliged to

Not to drive the rented vehicle away from the place of the accident before the responsible police arrives

Immediately report the occurrence of the accident to Hermosilla rent a car

Not to make any agreement with the other party about the course of events

Not to leave the damaged rental car without taking the necessary precautions against further damage or loss.

To record all the data of the other party, such as driver, owner, vehicle, etc. Insurance company, driver's license, etc. Even if the car is fully insured, in case of violation of any of the above points, the insurance company will not pay. In the event of an accident caused by the other party, the other party will pay the rental company a daily rental fee of 12 euros as long as the vehicle is under repair.

6. renter requirements

The renter declares that he/she is fully authorized to drive the car he/she rents and that he/she takes full responsibility for it.

7. negligent driving

The client of Hermosilla rent a car who drives a rented car under the influence of drugs, intoxicants, alcoholic beverages or anything else that alters his mental abilities, assumes full responsibility for all damages and impairments caused to the car, as well as those caused to other cars, people, things, animals and third parties in general. Whoever drives the rented car under the aforementioned abnormal conditions, is also responsible for the persons and objects he/she carries, as well as for the penalties he/she causes. In the aforementioned circumstances, the renter shall not be entitled to the replacement of the rented vehicle if it is no longer roadworthy due to an accident, nor to any financial compensation.

8. jurisdiction
In the event of any dispute arising from the execution of this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, waiving their own jurisdiction.

9. scope of the rental contract
It is expressly forbidden for the renter to take the rented vehicle out of the territory of the island of La Palma, where the contract was made, without the express authorization of Hermosilla rent a car. Failure to comply with the aforementioned prohibition will automatically cancel the contract and the renter may be prosecuted if necessary.

10. privacy policy
The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Your data will be protected within the framework of the legal regulations. If you have provided us with personal data, we will use it only to respond to your inquiries and to process contracts concluded with you.

11 Cancellation
In case of cancellation of a booking one week to 3 days before arrival
the amount of 15 % of the total rental price will be charged,
3 days or less before arrival 20% of the total rent will be charged
as cancellation fee.

General Terms and Conditions for Car Rental Companies - prepared by APECA La Asociación Provincial Empresarial de Coches de Alquiler de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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